Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grant's Baptism: Part 1

I started this post on February is it now March 12th? 
Grant was baptized on a beautiful morning, January 26, 2014 (the day before Jeff's birthday). 
I have a TON of photos from Grant's baptism.  This post will include photos from my camera and I will do a follow up post with some of the 111 photos Aunt Jeanne took. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have our very own professional photographer at family events?  LOVE! 
Thanks to my dad, a pretty stellar photographer too, for taking photos during the church service for us.    

Our normally very happy Grant was NOT happy at all about being up in front of church to be baptized.  I thought it would be perfect - I had him fed before we left for church, he took a little snooze before and during the first part of the service...and then he screamed through the ENTIRE baptism.  Oh, well.  I thought it was still wonderful.  Had my first child screamed through the whole sacrament, I would have been mortified.  I suppose by the third, you just chalk it up as something that happens.  

I think it was so special that Tyler and Nathan joined us in front of church for the baptism.  It really is a commitment of our whole family to teach Grant about Christ.  His big brothers may have just as much influence on his education of God's love. 

Being baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Pastor Paul was working hard to get Grant to stop crying.  He was even doing deep knee bends which was pretty funny. 

Watching as our sweet son is introduced to the congregation as the newest member of the church.

Getting back our crying baby.  Luckily, I was able to get him calmed down and asleep shortly after we sat down.

Nathan had been eyeing the cake the day before the party and was pretty excited to enjoy a piece. 

Very independent...and messy.

Play time downstairs.  Zach was enjoying his old train set with Tyler.

Hadley and Matthew played blocks and balls. 

Most traditional baptism outfits for boys are very summery so when I saw this cable knit outfit I knew I wanted to use it for Grant's winter baptism.  I think he is just sooo cute. 
We are so blessed with this sweet little guy.
Happy Baptism Day, Grant!  We pray that you will grow up in absolute awe of Christ's love for you.  You are an amazing gift.  You have a huge loving family and church that are eager to watch you grow up and teach you the stories of the Bible.  May you always have Christ in your heart and may he protect you and give you peace.  We love you, Mom & Dad

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