Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tyler's special day with Aunt Sandy

Tyler didn't have school on President's Day, February 17, but mom still had a training class to attend/facilitate so Tyler got to have a special day with Aunt Sandy.  Tyler misses his Tuesdays with Aunt Sandy so this was perfect.  I got photos texted to me all day and Tyler talked about it all night at home.
He got to watch Thomas movies on Sandy's laptop.  Can you tell he is excited?

Hit sticks on trees outside.  All boy!  He talked about this a LOT when he got home. 
Side note: Doesn't he look tall and skinny in this picture?  When did he get so big?  

They even went to the park to burn off some energy!

This kid LOVES snow!  And Sandy's gloves. :)

Sandy sent me this picture saying they may have rushed park season a little as Tyler got a bit wet.  Oh well!

They even went by Bread Co. to get a big cookie (and got one for Nathan too!). 

Nathan enjoyed his cookie when he got home. 
Thanks, Aunt Sandy!  Tyler loved his special time with you. 

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