Sunday, February 2, 2014

iPhone photo catchup: Part 1

It is time for iPhone photo clean out! 
While I was in the hospital with Grant we decided that it was best for everyone for Jeff to stay at home.  He would sleep better and I had nurses to help me if I needed anything.  Plus, he was only 5 minutes away.  I would send Jeff photos just to make sure he didn't miss his baby too much overnight!  ;)
Hard to believe this was just a few months ago.  Grant has changed so much already!
At 3am this is how I feel too Grant!  Thankfully, the 3am wakeup calls are VERY rare now. 

Then it was home sweet home and when dad went back to work we sent lots of photos to him too. 

Grant loves to have his LARGE hands up by his face. 

Mom, seriously?

Tyler's 3D glasses from the holiday parade.
Tyler got a trophy at the dentist for having no cavities and being a good patient.  He took it everywhere with him for the 48 hours after this appointment: to school, next to him at the dinner table, on his nightstand by his bed. EVERYWHERE! 
I am pretty sure this trophy has made him excited to brush his teeth and for his next trip to the dentist.  It has also made Nathan excited to brush his teeth and get a trophy like Tyler's.  Whatever works! 

I cleaned old wine bottles for Jeff to bottle the wine that he made earlier in October/November.  It is really pretty good.  After we broke down the number of bottles he made and total costs it came to $0.42/bottle!  Talk about frugal!  I love it!

Post bath time cuddles.

Watching my big brothers play while chilling in the bean bag (with a blanket over it).

Handsome feller.

Puzzles together.

Snowman shirts made for the boys and Hadley (the one with the ruffle edge). 

Tyler enjoying Santa's Magical Kingdom from the backseat.  Thanks to Grandma and Popo Francis for taking us!

The boys enjoying their new easel from Kyle, Maggie and Hadley! 

All the boys in the house had colds after the new year so there was a lot of time spent in jammies. They were still smiley though. 

See you soon with iPhone catch up: part 2!

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