Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mizzou Basketball with Nathan

Jeff and I took Nathan to Columbia this past weekend to watch Mizzou play Kentucky.  We didn't let the icy conditions in Columbia stop us although we did have a bit of a scare on the roads, but we arrived to the game unscathed. 
It was a special day for Nathan to have ALL of mom and dad's attention which is rare for this middle child.  He was SO excited.  Thanks to my mom for watching Tyler and Grant AND for the tickets to the game.  We had great seats!
Nathan LOVES basketball. 

He was intensely watching the warm-up.

Nathan and Mommy

Dancing during the timeout.
Of course, as soon as I turned on the video he calmed down. Still fun.

Jeff had to explain to Nathan that he couldn't go down and "shoot."  Nathan kept saying "I shoot" throughout the game and at one point started walking down the row to get out and we assume he had plans to head down to the court.  I am not kidding when I say the child wakes up ready to play basketball. 

I love these two!

Nathan was VERY well behaved during the game but I was prepared with several special snacks including his absolute favorite - fruit snacks! 

Jeff and I both put our hands on our head after a bad play or bad call (okay, it might have happened on several occasions).  Well, Nathan caught on and was doing the same thing. It was too cute! 

Nathan kept a constant eye on Truman too and knew where he was at all times.  We were hoping he would come in our section and we could grab a photo with him but were not so lucky.

Nathan fell asleep on Jeff during the last 4 minutes of the game (only the most exciting part!) so if you ask him if the Tigers won he says "yeah."  We had such a great time and Nathan was such a wonderful boy that we didn't want to break it to him that our Tigers missed way too many free throws (hence the hands on the head) and lost 84-79. 
We also enjoyed stopping to visit with the Busch family before heading home.  It was wonderful to see them before they become a family of 4 at the end of the month!  It was a great day (other than the loss)!

Hopefully they can pull off a win at Florida (#3) tonight!

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  1. What a great idea to take just Nathan! That's awesome!