Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine's Day is SO much fun with kids!  Tyler had me print off a calendar that he could mark off the days until his Valentine's party at school he was so excited.  I got into the spirit this year too took pictures of the kids for photos for the grandparents but they turned out cute enough that I decided to send out Valentine's cards to family too. 

I think these photos display the boys personalities pretty well too.  Nathan is smiley, cute and slightly mischievous, Grant just goes with the flow and Tyler is usually a bit over the top.
  Valentine's Day 2014 card.
After Tyler's Valentine Party and naps we took Tyler and Nathan to see the Legos Movie in 3D.  Thanks to GG and Great Grandpa for watching Grant.  The boys were pretty excited! 
I love this photo of them with their glasses on chowing down on some popcorn. 
We went to the 3:10pm show which was great because there was NO one there.  Literally there were only two other adults in the theatre. 

After the movie I attempted to get their photo next to the Lego Movie display but it moved and you could change his outfits so this was as good as it got.  

These were Tyler's Valentines that he took with him to school.  He had to write his name 34 times for his class but I actually made him write it more (felt like my dad).  Anytime his Ys looked like Xs I had him redo it.  I will say he got MUCH better!  #toughmom
I am pretty sure I was the only mom that convinced her son to give non-candy Valentines too.  I mean, how many half eaten heart suckers do you want laying around your house?  I am ready for nice weather and bubbles.  Luckily, Tyler was fine with my recommendation.   

The boys sent me these beautiful flowers.  I was very surprised! 

Tyler made this adorable craft at school that is currently on the fridge. 

This was our Pinterest inspired Valentine craft we made at the beginning of the month.  Tyler and Nathan painted the hearts.  I wish I had more time for crafts. 
It was a great Valentine's Day!  Now onto birthday planning...

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  1. I LOVE that card! And I'm always impressed with your crafting time!