Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This incident happened several weeks ago but I thought it was worth documenting. 
Nathan and Tyler were playing outside in the backyard and the sidewalk that goes down to the lower patio has a bit of an incline.  Tyler enjoys riding his big wheel down said sidewalk.  Meanwhile, Nathan was pushing his Tonka truck up the sidewalk.  Well, a collision happened and Nathan's forehead came in contact with the concrete.  Dad was outside with the boys and came running in with blood all over Nathan's head.  Talk about our hearts skipping several beats...the head sure does bleed a LOT. 
Luckily, the top layer of skin has just come off and there was no major gash.
After we got everything cleaned up and the bleeding stopped, this was the end result.  Grandma and Popo Francis had excellent timing and happened to stop by with ice cream treats for the boys.  Ice cream cures lots of boo boos. 

This was our photo to Dad the following morning, already looking better!  Yes, he has crazy hair!

Tyler wanted me to send Dad a picture of his head too.  ;)
I will say that this sweet boy was in tears after the collision too.  He felt terrible!

Nathan was over it very quickly and didn't the collision slow him down a bit.  I am sure it was only one of many future collisions between brothers.  I am confident I will be wearing a referee shirt with a nurse hat for the next several years with 3 boys!  Whew!  :)

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