Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

Two days before Halloween we decided it was time to carve our pumpkins.  (It was a travel day for the Cardinals and the World Series so we had some free time.)

We decided to do it in the garage since it was raining outside and to keep the mess still somewhat outside. 
Nathan took some convincing from Dad to check it out. 

A little help and he was all in. 

He was not so sure about the guts of the pumpkin but didn't want to miss out on anything either. 

Tyler rolled up his sleeve and stuck his hand in with some apprehension. 

You can tell Tyler was a bit put off by it but at least he participated.  In years past, he really wanted nothing to do with it and Jeff and I ended up doing most of the work. 

This was the one Tyler and I worked on...okay, so it was still mostly me, but he did help. 
I feel bad I didn't get a photo of Jeff and Nathan's pumpkin.  Jeff finished his up while I was giving the boys a bath and had already put it outside.  I was in no mood to go out into the rain to take a photo of it on the porch. 
This was probably Tyler's favorite pumpkin.  I found the Woody kit on Halloween clearance last year and put it with the other decorations.  Tyler was upset that we didn't have a Buzz to go with it.  Sorry, no Buzz on clearance last year.  :)
I will admit, it is my kind of pumpkin decorating too. 
No mess, we can reuse the Woody year after year - perfect!  I should probably see if I can find a Buzz for future years...

In other Halloween decorations, Nathan made these ghosts and spiders with Aunt Sandy on a Tuesday.  I am so impressed that she watches Tyler, Nathan and Hadley and has time to do crafts! 

Tyler made this spider web at preschool and was excited since he threaded the web.
Halloween blog coming up next.  Krista and Anna, I heard you are very disappointed in my lack of costume photo posting.  Sorry, they are coming, I promise!  :)

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  1. How DOES Sandy have time to do crafts with 3 little ones running around? That's impressive =) Owen wouldn't get his hands dirty with the pumpkin guts =) Glad your boys had fun!