Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mom of Boys

I came across this blog post, Signs You're a Mom of Boys, tonight and laughed out loud to myself.  I love being a mom of three boys.  I cannot wait to see the third one join Tyler and Nathan in the craziness of Hot Wheels, Thomas trains, blocks, balls and books that currently make up our house! 
#13 is oh, so true for me.   Silence...oh, crap!
Sweet Hadley was even making car sounds today while playing cars and trucks with Nathan.
A typical weekday view for morning beverages.   I don't know what Tyler is drinking.  It is usually milk.  I am guessing he pulled out juice from the previous night from the refrigerator. 
Morning entertainment.  Time to wake up, Mom!

Some chill time with popcorn and a movie. 
Yes, my kids do sometimes wear pants. This must have been a Friday at home as we obviously didn't have anywhere pressing to go to get dressed for.  I am pretty sure Tyler's PJ pants are just on inside out in this photo.  Maybe backwards too.  Three or so years ago, this would have driven me bonkers.  Now, I am just excited he got dressed himself after going potty. 
Ahh...I sure do love my boys!

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