Saturday, August 3, 2013

Field Trip Friday (and Saturday): Otter Creek Farm

For those of you not familiar with "the farm," the official name is Otter Creek Farms.  (Yes, plural) 
We arrived Friday evening around 6pm and the kids must have had a good time because Tyler didn't go to bed until 11pm (his usual bedtime is 8-8:30). 
GG Zick read LOTS of books to Tyler. 

Nathan even wanted to sit down for a total of 2 pages. :)

The project of the weekend was the mantle.  This is the before shot. 

There was a lot of discussion before starting.  Kyle and my dad had done a TON of planning on this project.  We said that this may the be most expensive mantle ever with all the man hours put in it. 

While the "boring" mantle work was going on Tyler and Nathan found a fun way to play with their cars and trucks.  Grandma helped.   

They used some scrap wood pieces to build a track to drive their cars and trucks on. 

This may be one of my favorite mantle project photos.  Stu, Jeff, Grandpa Zick and my dad holding the mantle in place while Kyle (in yellow shirt) worked on something.

We went outside to play washers / sippy cup.  Nathan sat in the washer box and threw things in the middle for quite a while. 

Mantle centerpiece.

I am not sure who is more excited - Nathan or Popo.

Kyle, Dad and Stu on one side...Jeff on the other of the 400+ pound mantle. 

We took several rides on the Polaris.  Nathan and Tyler both really wanted to drive! 
Nathan got to have a turn (with Tyler slightly nudging him out of the way). 

Quick, Nathan is not turn!
When Nathan was not driving, he wanted to be up top with Ross and Julie who were enjoying a beer...probably before 11am.  Hey, it's the farm.  I was just jealous! ;)
I will end this post here...more pictures to come of a visit to one of the deer stands and tractor rides.  Stay tuned! 

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  1. What a fun weekend! Your 3 boys are going to have a blast growing up there! I want to see an 'after' shot of the mantle, too. Oh, and O continues to tell me how many cars Tyler has. I suppose he's dropping the hint that we should come see you soon. Hah! xo