Saturday, August 24, 2013

Proud to be a Kappa!

This post could mean a lot and I am, for so many reasons, proud to be a Kappa.  My college sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, was such a fun place for me in college and format in which I created many lifelong friendships . 
Earlier this month, Kappa's longtime houseman, Dennis Paige, passed away.  A few Kappas who are currently at Mizzou got wind that his family didn't have funds for a funeral and set out to try to raise some money for the family to help out.  Well, thanks to social media and a strong bond of the lifelong friendships I mentioned earlier, Kappas (and others) were able to raise over $6400 (through Crowdtilt) in just a few short days! 
My days at 512 E. Rollins in Columbia, MO will always include memories of Dennis shouting "Man on the floor" when he was upstairs to fix something in the house.  His often familiar "Hey, hey" will also live on for generations of Kappas. 
I continue to be amazed by an awesome sisterhood of generous women who come together for good.  Great job, Kappas!