Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ice Cream Summer

We have enjoyed ice cream treats often this summer.  Maybe too often since Tyler asks "What?  No ice cream or popsicle tonight?" if I don't mention it shortly after dinner. 

This night we went to Flavors Olde Tyme Soda & More on the riverfront. 

They had Spiderman ice cream!  Tyler is pretty clueless when it comes to super heroes but the gal behind the counter did a great job selling it.  Tyler insisted on a cone and enjoyed the entire thing all by himself!

How could you not want to give this cute face ice cream all the time? 
And of course, his pregnant mom, has to join him! 


  1. YUM!! I want dessert every night too Tyler, & there was no chance of skipping it when I was pregnant! Too cute :)

  2. So sweet! We are also eating ice cream almost every night!