Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

We attended the same Easter egg hunt we have for the past few years seen here and here.  Lucky for me, Grandma was able to join us and help with the boys as they were hunting eggs in different age groups, 1-2 year olds and 3-4 year olds. 
Yes, I realize this is probably the scariest looking Easter bunny EVER!  My boys didn't seem to mind...or to be too enthused about having their picture taken either.

Tyler enjoyed the bubble wands at the carnival before the egg hunt.  The sawdust is a great idea so the asphalt parking lot does not turn into a skating rink with small children.

Tyler's favorite is the giant parachute.
Can you tell he is excited?

Grandma helped Nathan give it a try but he was none too impressed.

Admission: I had allowed my photo card to fill up so this was my last photo right before the egg hunt.  #mommyfail
Nathan was either scouting out the field or just simply making another funny face. :)
I will follow that up by it might have been next to impossible to keep up with Nathan, prevent him from getting run over by bigger kids and encourage him to collect eggs all while taking photos.  To be honest, I could have cared less about how many eggs he got.  It is crazy to see parents in the 1-2 year old age group "hunt" eggs.  Nathan got 4 ALL by himself and we were both perfectly happy with that amount.   Grandma hunted with Tyler and being the egg hunting pro he is, did awesome.  While it was obviously a bit chilly and wet out (hence Tyler's boots) we had a great time. 


  1. I'm going to have nightmares from looking at your picture of the Easter bunny :) I'm surprised the boys didn't run & scream because of that thing! Cute pictures though...besides the evil bunny!