Thursday, April 18, 2013

Party and Presents!

Another birthday post...

I had felt a little bad as I hadn't gone all out for Nathan's 1st birthday so I made some decorations including the first 11 months worth of monthly photos. It is so fun to see how our little man has grown.  I will have to compile them all in another post later on.  I also got to use the Cricut Jeff got me for Christmas.  I really want to be more crafty but it takes so much time...  

The "theme" was pretty and green with a touch of dinosaurs thrown in.  Tyler found these cheap blow-up dinosaurs at the dollar store which is my kind of party decoration budget.  :)

We fed everyone Papa Murphy's pizza and the crew ate most of the 10, yes 10, pizzas we purchased.  Of course, we had cake, cupcakes and ice cream too.  It was easy, fun and pretty tasty!

Tyler was ready to party long before it was even close to time for family to arrive. 

Tyler wanted to get every one's attention to open presents.  Nathan was ready to go and didn't care if anyone was paying attention. 

Erin walked in with a new book with FLAPS and Nathan was so excited.  While Nathan is not quite as into books at Tyler is yet, he will sit still and look at books for 5 minutes or so at a time which for a very busy 1 year old is a LONG time.  Trust me, it is wonderful!

Of course, Tyler had to show Nathan and Mommy how the truck works.

This little guy is definitely my child.  Look how excited he is to find cold, hard cash in his birthday card!  Nathan's college savings account did quite well for his first birthday.  Thank you everyone!  Nathan didn't really get any new toys from mom and dad.  Jeff was pretty strict that we have plenty of toys and we could just write him a nice check for his 529 account.  Someday he will appreciate it...and the the interest it earns over the next 18 years!   That is what happens when you have a frugal dad and a finance minded mom.

A new BALL from Grandma and Popo Francis!  This one really is pretty cool as it lights up when you throw it.  Nathan plays with it a LOT!

Tyler was right there to help Nathan open gifts.  "This is how you do it, Nathan."  How many times will we hear that phrase over the next umpteen years?

Great Aunt Nancy handmade this sign for his room.  I love it and think it is so special.  Thanks, Aunt Nancy! 

New Cardinal gear from the Harms Family! 

Nathan is so blessed to have so much family to spoil him rotten.  We really appreciate all the gifts! 

Happy Birthday, Nathan!  You are a busy, inquisitive, quiet, sweet, busy, smily, happy, busy little boy (did I say busy?)!  We love you to the moon and back!

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