Monday, March 25, 2013

Swimming Lessons!

Tyler started swimming lessons at the YMCA on Wednesday, March 6.  He was so excited and asked daily if it was time for swimming lessons yet.  He has talked about it ever day since and every week he is excited to go back! 
Warning: We took a LOT of photos in week 1 (between chasing Nathan).
Getting ready to jump the deep end!

Kicking to the other end of the pool with one of his teachers.

Working hard...all on his own.
Taking a break on the side after he made it the full length of the 25 meter pool.

Asking one of the teachers a question.  His teachers are Kendall and Allison. 

Getting water dumped on his head.  Tyler had no problem with this activity.  He will do it himself in the tub over and over and over again.

Practicing their kicking.  This was Tyler's favorite part.  He told me afterwards, "I loved kicking and making BIG splashes.  I made best friend too, mom."  I asked him what were his friend's names and he said very matter of factly "I don't know."  It made me think of Kyle when he was little.  Kyle would play basketball with kids for hours and have no idea what their any of their names.

Having fun!

BIG splashes

Getting in to put the dive rings over the poll.  The staff has several fun games to get the kids involved in the water and take turns.  While there is a fair amount of sitting on the side and waiting his turn, it was a good balance.  Tyler did a great job following directions least as far as I could tell from watching upstairs. 

These photos were only from week 1.  Since then they have been working on floating on their back which Tyler HATES!  He gets very nervous on his back and does not relax enough to try to float.  They end their lessons by jumping off the side of the pool and Tyler is NOT a good jumper.  It isn't because he is scared but he just doesn't jump well...white boy. 
I love that Tyler loves to swim.  We plan on spending LOTS of hours in Kyle and Maggie's pool this summer! :)  Hopefully he turns into a little fish...just like his momma was back in the day.


  1. Owen also hates being on his back! What's that all about? I bet he'll LOVE being at Uncle Kyle & Aunt Maggie's this summer...

  2. Can't wait to see his skills this summer!!