Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's Day at the park

We are not big celebrators of Valentine's Day at our house...I know all of you are shocked!  We are such romantics (enter sarcasm here). :)
We didn't even make Valentine's cookies this year as Nathan was not feeling 100% and not sleeping 100% great either that week.
We did enjoy the afternoon by heading to the park.  I figured the boys needed the fresh air.  I think part of the colds and what not are from being trapped inside lately. 
I love this photo of Tyler giving Nathan a gentle (truly) shove on the slide.  Tyler really can be sweet to his brother.

Dramatically climbing up the rock wall.

Nathan had no fear of the jiggly bridge. 
And I pretty sure jiggly is a word used by engineers all the time, right Kyle?

Tyler (and Dad) thought that Nathan needed my help on the BIG slide.

He got to do the little slide with just slight assistance.

This guys needs no assistance.

Happy Valentine's Day (late) from the park!

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