Monday, March 11, 2013

Nathan's first Mizzou basketball game

In the middle of February we took a trip with a whole lot of family down to Arkansas to watch Mizzou play against former MU coach, Mike Anderson.  Unfortunately, Arkansas' home court advantage was too much.  Other than the disappointing outcome of the game, we had a fun weekend trip. 
This was also Nathan's first Mizzou basketball game (out of the womb - he went to several before he was born).  Hard to believe we drove all the way to Arkansas to make that happen.  It was cousin Hadley's first Mizzou game too as seen here.
This was the only photo I took at the game.  Nathan looks very intrigued, eh?
I would have liked to do a family photo afterwards but the mood just wasn't right. 

On the way home we stopped at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield.  Tyler found a toy that he thought Popo should buy.

Nathan enjoyed checking out the big fish with Dad.

...and climbing on the rocks.  Not a surprise!

Nathan found unique ways to entertain himself in the car.

This photo wasn't from the Arkansas game but it was from a game Jeff and I attended in Columbia sans kiddos.  A big thanks to my mom for watching the boys and for the tickets.

Again, not from the trip but Nathan is wearing a Mizzou shirt so I thought I could squeeze it in on this post.  Nathan had just finished gobbling up a cupcake Grandma Francis made for him.   Mmmmm!

A real smile!  Since we spent about as much time in the car on our weekend trip to Arkansas as we did out of the car, I thought this random photo also was appropriate to include in this post. 
It was a great trip with the extended family and the boys both did awesome.  If only the Tigers would have cooperated too... 

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