Friday, March 15, 2013

Farm Trip!

This past weekend the Francis Four headed to the farm with Grandma Zick, Popo Zick and Uncle Kyle.  It was a bit of an impromptu trip for Nathan and I and I am very glad we made the trip to Paris, MO.  (You would have never caught me saying that a few years, or even months ago.)
It was Tyler and Nathan's first overnight trip to the farm and Nathan's first trip ever! 
Before we even made it inside the boys found the new Polaris. Tyler climbed right up and Uncle Kyle and Nathan were right behind him. 

These three are going to spend a LOT of time in and on this vehicle over the years.

Tyler was ready to drive.

We then went inside and Nathan was still in climbing mode.

Photo bomb!  I was attempting to get a photo of Tyler and Grandma reading books when Nathan popped up in the background.  The kid cracks me up. 
Also, check out Tyler's new boots for the farm.  Don't worry, they get VERY dirty soon.
After a great meal and a few glasses of wine, it was off to bed.
The next morning after a big breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs and bacon we geared up to take the Polaris for a ride in the snow.

Tyler and Popo sat up top in the "safari seat." It was a bit cold, but I am sure Tyler had a smile on his face the entire time.  Don't mind the odd face in the photo.

It was a short ride as the farm still had quite a bit of snow and we didn't want to tear up the ground too much.
We brought Tyler and Nathan's Power Wheel up with us and so we backed the Suburbans out of the garage and let them drive around.  Tyler has become a much better driver since Christmas.  
Watch out!

Here is a full photo of the Polaris.  It is HUGE!


I love how laid back Nathan is and how he just chills in the passenger seat.
While Tyler was climbing on the Polaris, Nathan crawled into the driver's seat of the Power Wheel. 
I love his quiet curiosity.  Patience is a virtue that must come easier to younger siblings...I wouldn't know.  ;)
I thought I would include some photos of the new lodge: 
The kitchen is great! 

The commercial stove is pretty fancy and this photo does not do the hood justice.  I am pretty sure it could suck up small children when the fan is on.

The bar with TV is a nice upgrade too. 
Mom and Grandma can enjoy college basketball Saturdays while the boys are napping!

The wine fridge is ready to go but the beer/soda fridge was not functioning properly and so it was brought back on the trip back home. 

We didn't spend a lot of time on the porch this trip up, (although Tyler did love peeing outside in the snow) but I am positive it will be a perfect spot later in the year.  I am telling you, I might be spending several weekends chilling on this porch while the boys run around and burn off some energy.
Dad did want to get some work done while we were at the farm this past weekend.  He wanted Kyle and Jeff to help him hue the walnut log into a mantle for the lodge's very impressive fireplace.

The walnut log before.

This is Kyle (I know he looks just like my dad) working away on the log.  Jeff is supervising.

Then it was Jeff's turn. 

Dad was sure to keep the blade sharp.

Dad did his fair share too.
Check out that really is going to be a beautiful mantle when the guys are finished!

Someday Tyler will be able to help.  Notice the trailer in the background...before the lodge that was residence when you came to the farm.  Trust was pretty rude.

I am very excited that our boys will truly learn how to work hard over the years at the farm...and in life. 

I LOVE this photo from our weekend at the farm.  Tyler thought it was so fun to be with the guys and stand on the log.  He kept telling me to take his picture!

While the big boys kept working away on the log/mantle Tyler occupied himself by playing in the mud. 
He was in heaven!  I told you his new boots were going to get dirty!
 I think this is pure boy and it makes me smile to see him so excited to play in the mud (until I think about the laundry...).  No really, there is a day care across the street from my Uncle Doug's nursery and it is called "The Elegant Child."  We have always joked about who would want to send their child to "The Elegant Child" and Dad proposed to open another day care right next to it called "The Muddy Kid" and see which one kids want to go to.  I am pretty sure there is not much that is elegant about Tyler in this photo but he sure is happy! :)

The Muddy, Happy Kid!
Thanks for a great stay at the farm, Popo!  I am sure there are many more trips to the farm/lodge in our future.  With the new accommodations, it sure will be nice!


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