Sunday, July 22, 2012

Random Pics

I have a bunch of random photos I wanted to share.
This is Tyler napping and I just think it is so cute how he sleeps with his hands under his head. 

Nathan was just chilling on the couch.  I cannot let him do this anymore as he rolls around now.

Nathan ready for church on a Sunday morning.  Thanks to Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle for the outfit.  We can hardly wait to find out if Baby Zick is a boy or a girl.  

Kyle took this photo of Nathan and I swinging at the park one afternoon. 

Another photo of Nathan before church one day.  I love this outfit and the hat cracks me up.  I think he looks like a little golfer.

Jeff taught Tyler Hey Good Lookin' and I had to video his singing to me one morning while I was making pancakes.  Don't you love how he uses the trash can as a drum?

We had a movie night this past Friday night and Tyler got a prime spot on the couch with his new Mizzou Tiger study pillow.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Francis.  He loves it!   In case you were wondering, we watched The Incredibles.

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