Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Distinguished Young Women Competition

Several weeks ago, we hosted a watch party for the Distinguished Young Women Competition.  I know, most of you are thinking - what in the world?!?

A bit of the back story...two of my cousins, Megan and Kasey, represented Missouri at the National Distinguished Young Women Competition (formerly known as Junior Miss) in Mobile, AL in 2010 and 2011, respectively.  A large contingent of family members traveled to cheer them on each year.  The competition always promoted that the finals would be aired live via web cast on the local TV station so we decided since we were not in Mobile, we would watch the competition on the web.  Since we have a TV with wi-fi, the party was at our house.   More info to clue you in (if that is possible with my family)...When we were in Mobile, the family would all draw states, put in some money and hope that if Megan or Kasey didn't win that our "state" would.  Then after the nightly competitions we would sit on the deck of the beach house with a few cocktails and not only would we judge the competition, but we would also perform our version of the fitness routine.  Yes, there is no swimsuit portion of the competition but there is a fitness routine.  It is a riot!  :)  

We had quite a crowd. 
Looking at this picture, it makes me really want to go out and purchase new curtains since having the living room repainted.  It looks a little bare.  I will get on that ASAP. ;)

Tyler was getting into it too.  Don't you love the margarita glasses, beer cans/bottles and the Woody sippy cup all on the same table? 

Susan was the big winner and took home the $$.  I thought I had a real shot with 2 girls in the top ten.  Dang!  Overall, it was a silly, fun night!  Any reason to get together with the fam and enjoy a few beverages is fine by me.   

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