Sunday, April 22, 2012

Almost Forgot...Easter challenge/egg hunt

If you have been following along with the recent blog posts, you noticed we had a busy Easter.  I almost forgot about the Saturday before Easter when my parents hosted the scavenger hunt/adult Easter egg hunt.  Some of you may be thinking, what?  I mean it is completely normal, right? 

Let me try to explain....

The scavenger hunt/challenge meant 30 of us were split up into five teams of 6 people.  We had 6 challenges which we had to select our team members based only on the name of the challenge (we didn't know what it entailed). The challenges given were 1) Top Shot 2) So You Think You Can Dance 3) American Idol 4) Amazing Race 5) Project Runway 6) Top Chef

Patty and Jeff were chosen by their teams for Project Runway: Pick your Model.   Their task was to put together the first Lego model in the given instruction booklet as shown.  These two were pretty proud of their accomplishments!   

Kyle was on my team and we chose him for Top Chef which was to create the perfect egg.  His task was to assemble the Easter Eggs so that they were identical to the picture that was given. 

As you can tell the tasks are pretty cheesy but we are a VERY competitive family and we took these tasks waaaay too seriously.  We always have a lot of fun.  Big props goes to my mom who planned, wrote and prepared for the competition.  The final team task was a Reality Show Quiz - it was pretty tough.  I have included at the bottom of the post for you to test your knowledge. 

Kyle celebrating completion of his eggs!

Dad is such a good host!  Always the life of the party...

The adult Easter egg happens in the dark so everyone hunts with flashlights!  Mom filled over 14 dozen eggs with prizes (numbered), money and candy.  It is pretty embarrassing how excited we get for this stuff.  Don't get me wrong, some of the prizes are pretty nice - Cardinal tickets, gift cards and cash!  Some of the prizes are not so nice too as you will see in a minute.  Often prizes reappear year after year since this is an annual event. 

Tyler with one of the light up rings that Zach won and shared. 

Nathan got plenty of attention and was held ALL night long!
I love this picture of GG and Nathan.

This was one of the not so nice prizes, Christmas tree underwear, that Kyle felt it was necessary to wear on his head.  Needless to say Kyle had several of the beverages displayed in the photo.  Maggie, this is the father of your unborn child...good luck!  :)

Tyler used one of the water gun prizes as a microphone to put on a show!

Our little performer.  Such a ham!

  1. What city hosted the first MTV's Real World?
  2. What famous model is the host of Project Runway?
  3. How many cities have "Real Housewives"?
  4. What reality show did Paige Davis host?
  5. Who was the first winner of Survivor?
  6. What do the Dancing with the Stars winners receive?
  7. Who was the first runner-up on the first American Idol?
  8. What is the name of the dance studio on Dance Moms?
  9. What are the first names of the pickers on American Pickers?  Bonus point for the name of their assistant.
  10. 2012 marks the _____ season of Antiques Roadshow.
  11. What is the name of the pawn shop on Pawn Stars?
  12. How many bachelors from the show have ended marrying the lady they presented with the final rose?
  13. What is the amount that is usually loaded on the Visa card for the "winners" of What Not to Wear?
  14. What are the names of the male fashion consultants on Say Yes to the Dress and Say Yes to the Dress - Atlanta?
  15. What happens to the contestants who arrive last at the pit stop on the Amazing Race? 
As you can tell, the challenge has absolutely nothing to do with Easter other than to get together and have a fun time.   

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