Thursday, April 26, 2012

5 Weeks!

Realizing that Nathan will be 6 weeks old tomorrow has forced me to attempt to catch up and post his 5 week photos. 

A little smirk.

5 Week Updates:
  • Week 5 brought the best nights sleep we have had so far - Nathan slept from 8:30p-4am!  Now I just need to work on pushing the bed time back a bit (or mama is going to have to go to be earlier)!
  • Nathan loves watching ceiling fans and his big brother.  Tyler seems to fascinate him.  It is precious. 
  • The smiles and coos continue and now we are getting even little laughs/squeals of sorts.  I love these moments!   I often pretend like we are having great conversations about his day. 
  • Nathan loves to stand - meaning he holds himself up and we can just balance him from falling left to right.  He is so, so strong. 

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