Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zick/Wilson Wedding

This past weekend we were thrilled to celebrate Ross and Julie's wedding.  It was so much fun.  I have a whole lot of photos to share...

The Rehearsal

Julie, the blushing bride.

Julie and her bridesmaids who all coordinated to wear black.  All the girls were Kappas except the two family members; Jenny Zick (Julie's sister) and Emily Wilson (Ross' sister). 

The handsome ring bearer.  Doesn't he look just like Jeff?

Bride and groom to be.

I had to include this photo because it is just classic Uncle Stu.  I love it!

The rehearsal dinner was on the top floor of JBucks downtown and the deck had amazing views.  All I managed to capture was Tyler enjoying the view.

The Wedding!

A two year old in a tux is just flat out adorable, don't you think?


Tyler singing in the back of the church while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

I took Tyler and Sophie outside to run around a bit as the waiting quietly wasn't working so well. 

4-year old Sophie was helping me guard the door so Tyler wouldn't escape back outside just before the ceremony was to start. 

All smiles. 

So sweet.

The kiss!

Mr. & Mrs. Ross Wilson

Quick family photo with a squirmy Tyler.

Maggie & Kyle...good pic of the two of them, don't you think?

I will make the reception photos a separate blog entry.
I told you there were a lot of photos.

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