Friday, October 14, 2011

Zick/Wilson Wedding Reception

Enjoy more photos from Ross & Julie's wedding. 

Jeff is such a great daddy.  He read to Tyler before the wedding party arrived to keep the little man happy and occupied.

Barb, Julie's mom, did an awesome job of decorating - very cute!

Tyler couldn't wait to break it down on the dance floor.  He looks a bit scary here.

Welcome to your party, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson!

Julie had this great I-Spy game that was on cards where you were supposed to attempt to capture photos of the evening including the bride playing with her ring.  I cheated a bit and staged some of the photos.  The I-Spy card didn't manage to make it home with us but it was a fun project throughout the night. 

Uncle Stu lovingly telling Julie and Ross how happy he is for them. 

Cheese!  We were supposed to get a table photo for the I-Spy game.  Jeff elected to take the photo.  Notice Tyler's multiple drinks thanks to the sippy cups. 


Jenny making her MOH speech.

Sophie and Tyler chased each other around the dance floor for quite a while.  A unique event happened while they were "dancing."  Tyler laid down on Sophie to give her a kiss...yikes!  I didn't get a photo because I was laughing too hard.  The wedding party was cracking up and cheering.  Not so aggressive Tyler! 

Such cute name cards.

The Dessert Table! 
Julie had a cute idea to have family and friends make different desserts in addition to the wedding cake including pies, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  I was in love!

The bride and groom holding hands.  Yes, this too was in the I-Spy game.

Tyler crashed pretty early in the night due to a short nap before the wedding and using lots of energy dancing.

I was prepared for the early night and had Tyler's pillow and some blankets in the car. 

Stu and Julie

Julie found her ring bearer napping in the corner and thought it looked like a great idea. 
What bride is willing to get down on the floor like this? 
I love this photo!

I am not sure who took this photo with my camera (probably dad). 
It was a fun party!

Congratulations, Julie (and Ross)! 
Julie enjoys a cocktail for me! :)

We are so thrilled for Mr. & Mrs. Wilson! 
We wish you a lifetime of happiness and appreciate you including us in your special day. 

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