Wednesday, October 26, 2011

100th Homecoming at Mizzou!

Several weekends ago (sorry for the delayed post) we enjoyed a great time back at Mizzou for the 100th Homecoming celebration! 

We were waiting for the parade to start at Tiger Plaza.  It was the perfect place for some photo opps.

Grandma walked next to Tyler who loved the challenge of walking on the wall.  Why do little boys like to climb so much?

Love this photo with the Tiger.  Cornell Hall is in the background.  I spent a whole lot of hours in that building - it is the business school at Mizzou.

Marching Mizzou kicked off the parade with the fight song.   Tyler knows it!  It was the natural progression...after you learn your ABCs, you learn the Mizzou fight song, right?

Enjoying the parade with Grandma.

Happy 100th Homecoming!

Krista and Tyler watching the parade.  It is really too bad this kid doesn't get any attention. ;)

Next it was on to the Kappa house to meet up with some of the girls.

Katie, Kelly and I took a moment to pose for a photo with our boys, Jonathan, Jackson, Henry and Tyler!

Sara, Me, Courtney, Cate, Emily, Suzie, Katie and Kelly took a moment to pose in front of Kappa. 
Just like the good 'ole days.

Tyler made himself at home on the front lawn running around and playing football. 

Daddy finally showed up at the tailgate after hunting that morning with Uncle Kyle at the farm.  Tyler was excited to see him.  Tyler may have had too much time with the girls. :)

The Tigers were victorious 52-17 over Iowa State. 
It was a perfect Mizzou Homecoming!

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