Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tyler 2 Year Photos

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Aunt Jeanne?  Well, I do.  We are so lucky to have a family photographer to capture our little man so often.  I was almost a month late in getting Tyler's two year photos taken...I know, I know.  I am horrible mother! :)

Well, it was worth the wait although it makes me not want to wait so long next time.  I love the new photos!  It was a perfect fall afternoon.  The Cardinals are in the playoffs (hence the Pujols jersey) and the leaves are falling off the trees.  I just love the way Jeanne was able to capture Tyler's many expressions and his personality absoultely perfectly.  Out of all the photos she took, these are some my favorites.

Love the fall colors and trees in this one with his little jersey.

This is so Tyler's personality!  Just walking along, probably singing a song...

You may think he is holding a baseball bat but it was actually one of the wires anchoring the electric poles.  Safe, right?  Anyway, I think for photo purposes, we will just consider it a baseball bat. 

Love this expression!


Jeanne calls this "dramatic lighting."

Ahhh...just another day of being cute.  It is rough being two!

Can you tell I love these photos as I had a hard time editing which ones to share?  I just love so many of them.  Let me know your favorites!

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