Friday, August 5, 2011

Catching up...

It has been a while since I last posted.  Sorry!  We have been busy, as always!  The Monday after Julie's shower Tyler woke up with a fever and had it for 4 days.  It got up to 105 upon which he immediately went into a cool bath.  I am not sure it helped but it sure made me feel better.  He hated it!  Aunt Sandy said it was a virus going around and it would take 4 days for him to break.  She was correct.  Friday morning, he woke up and thankfully, NO FEVER!  Yea!....Or so I thought.  He was still pretty cranky and not thrilled to play.  Needless to say, Field trip Friday did not happen. 

This is pretty much how he felt all week. 
We attempted to go to a 30th birthday BBQ party for Jeff Wesselschmidt and this was Tyler's reaction.  Not to mention it was 100 degrees outside.  We didn't stay too long.  Sorry, Jeff. 

Friday night after getting home from the BBQ attempt, it was time for bath and bed.  Tyler was still not happy and very unlike him cried when I put him down for bed.  The mean mom that I am just figured he would stop soon and go to sleep.  Wrong!  Instead, Tyler figured a way to climb out of his crib.   Great! (insert sarcasm here)  We put him back in his crib and immediately watched him climb out again.  It was pretty funny as he was very cautious lowering himself to the floor.  No more baby bed for this little man!

So Saturday, we introduced him to his "big boy" bed.   Luckily his crib converts so it wasn't totally new and the placement is the same. 

He was pretty excited!

Climbing in and out on his own is his favorite part.  On the floor is his "trumon" he sleeps with. 

So proud!

Big boy bed update: Saturday was the first night in the big boy bed and he did okay, but still not feeling great he wanted one of us to lay on the floor next to him while he went to sleep.   We then found out Sunday he had an ear infection too!  Ugh!  I would not recommend transitioning a child to a big boy/girl bed when they are sick as it is hard to be strict, but we didn't really  have a choice.  We have been now just trying in the last few days to stand at the door watching to make sure he stays in his bed.  It has been getting better.  Once he is asleep, he doesn't usually move from his bed until morning. 

Tyler has also given up his highchair (his choice) and now only wants to sit at table in a real chair.  I have a booster he sits in for meals that has a towel on the chair.  Our chair are upholstered in a cream colored fabric (not the best choice with a toddler).  If it were totally up to him, no booster would be needed either. 

As you can sense, Tyler is into the "big boy" world full swing now....if we could only get the "big boy" potty thing down.  Oh well!  Then it will just transition to "Mom, I need you to wipe me!"  I am pretty sure I will giggle every time that phrase is shouted. :)

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