Monday, August 15, 2011

Fair Fun!

We only ventured out to the fair with Tyler once (on Saturday afternoon) and while he had a fine time, we are very appreciative to the family that watched him on each of the nights:
Wednesday: Great Aunt Patty
Thursday: Aunt Jenny and Uncle Ryan
Friday: Great Aunt Sandy and Great Uncle Bob (while we were at the wedding)
Saturday: Grandma and Grandpa Francis
Sunday: Great Grandma and Grandpa Wood
Have I ever mentioned how much I love, love, love living in the same town as all of my family?  I do!

Enjoy some photos of Tyler's fair trip this year...
We watched these kids from America's Got Talent ride motorcycles in this cage while we enjoyed some "fair food."  Ummm...only time of the year when you can have a waffle ice cream sandwich.  
I cannot image being the parents of this 8 and 13-year old and saying "Sure, go ride motorcycles in there and try not to kill each other..." CRAZY!

On to Agriland where Tyler was in love with the corn.  For those of you who have never experienced the fair - it is like a huge sand box only with corn.  There are also areas of wheat and soybeans, but we stuck to corn. 

Tyler l.o.v.e.d. it! 

When we were finally out of the corn, it was on to the animals.  Here Tyler is laughing after telling us the rooster says "Cock...dol do"  (close, right?)

He wanted to pet EVERY animal.  Tyler has NO fear!  He also told us what every animal says too. 
Tyler pet the baby cow... 

....and the lamb,

and the goat! 

He was such a good boy in Agriland that he got to pick out a "trator."  He was very specific and did not want a loader but one with a cab.  It was pretty hot so we then got some ice cream and headed for Grandmas. 
We did ride one ride but he wasn't that impressed and since I am not a fan of the rides/carnies I was pretty happy we could get away with only one.  I am not sure that will be the case next year...

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