Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Play day with good friends!

We had missed several field trip Fridays due to the car being in the shop and then Tyler was ill the following week.  This past Friday we were ready to have some fun. We had the perfect day with one of my favorite people in all the world - Heather Cooper Wade!  I still call her Coop and probably always will. She and her wonderful family live near Seattle so I haven't seen her since last September - she was home just in time for Tyler's 1st birthday party and was expecting Baby Wade at the time.

I follow her blog, but hadn't met little Owen in the flesh yet.  Thankfully, Coop was home visiting family and invited us for a play day at her parents house. Tyler and I were so excited to meet her 7-month old son, Owen. Owen is so small compared to my huge almost 2 year old and I loved holding him and watching him play.

Isn't he so cute?   I love that he is already a little Tiger fan too.  His daddy (an Illinois grad) is just going to have to deal with the Mizzou traditions in his household.  Owen, like Tyler, loves the Mizzou Fight Song!

Coop is such a wonderful mom and it is so fun to see her with her sweet baby boy. 

This photo cracks me up as the boys have the same expression.  It is as if they are saying "the camera...again?"

This is as close as we got to smiles...why do little kids never cooperate when in photos together? 
Oh, well.  I guess we will just have to get together again soon! 
We had a great time.  A big thanks for Coop's parents for allowing us to come over and play AND for making us a great lunch! 

We miss you already Coop and Owen!

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  1. I tried to post a comment the other day. WE LOVED OUR VISIT WITH YOU! AND, thanks for the card. You are so so special, Ali Zick Francis =)