Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Christmas 2014

It is March and I am still posting about Christmas. Please forgive our busy life that doesn't allow me to put blogging as a top priority. :)

I love that we live so close to family for SO many reason but Jeff and I love being able to have our boys at home with us and everyone wake up on Christmas morning to be able to spend it with just the 5 of us before the craziness happens. 

Santa was ready! 

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Grant was pretty excited about opening boxes.  I know I should have had them in Christmas jammies and Red, the elf, had brought them some new ones but between the laundry and packing to leave the morning after Christmas at 3 am, and getting ready for Christmas and did I mention packing for a ski trip...Christmas jammies just didn't seem like a priority.  The boys could have cared less so all was right in the world. 

I just love everything about those cheeks! 

Christmas excitement!

Still a bit sleepy though.

The teachers at Little Rascals do an awesome job!  This was the wrapping on the gift form Tyler.  He brought it home a WEEK before Christmas and told us we couldn't open it until Christmas morning.  

He got a new Tonka truck Christmas ornament.  Nathan loves his truck and bulldozers.  

Ski gear!

A TMNT Christmas ornament.  Nothing says Christmas like a TMNT.  
For those of you without young boys; TMNT = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. :)

All 3 boys were helping/checking out Nathan opening this gift. 

New super heroes - cool! 

Grant wanted the balls out of this box immediately! 

He wanted to put on his shirt immediately! 

Santa brought the Hot Wheels Designer! 

Grants favorite item of the morning was the empty box! 

Tyler got a Tablet with a bright green case (so we have less of a chance of losing it). 

Grant was still in the box.  That lasted until he flipped himself over and knocked his head on the hardwood.  Merry Christmas with a bruise!  Boys! 

Truck Legos!  

Hot Wheels Super Loop Chase Race.  It was funny to hear Tyler ask Santa for this gift.  He was very specific.  It is pretty cool! 

Nathan asked Santa for a electric guitar.  I am thinking in another 10 years this will be a much more expensive item.  

Pure excitement! 

Tyler's Christmas present that he made at school for us.  A handmade Christmas rug!  He was so proud of it! 

We finished off he morning with cinnamon rolls and then got ready for our next few stops.  
The wig came with the Madagascar movie Santa brought.  Nathan asked for it for the "move it, move it" song.  

It was a very Merry Christmas and we are so fortunate to have each other and be able to give our kids special presents.  

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