Monday, February 23, 2015

Zick Family Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with my parents and Kyle, Maggie and kids on Sunday, December 21st.  GG and Grandpa Zick joined in on the festivities too.  

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a sword fighting 2-year old!  

Abundance is the first word that come to mind with this photo! 
This was just my mom and dad's doing and didn't include the gifts that we or Kyle and Maggie brought!    

Appetizers to get the party started.   

Tyler could hardly wait for Christmas to start.  

Brody sure made 2014 a good year! 

There were lots of offers to help open Brody's gifts! 

There was lots of excitement about Grant's new tower garage blocks with cars too.  

I think Grandma may have been just as excited as Tyler for Christmas to start!   

Mom got a new Mizzou polo!  

Dad got new Blue Jay gear!

Grandma got Popo a camel color cashmere sweater vest.  
The reason this gift was funny is because my mom got my dad a camel color cashmere sweater before they were married and the sleeves were too short so my dad cut the sleeves off and wears it hunting.  Who cuts the sleeves off cashmere sweaters?  My dad. 

A Barbie movie for Hadley.

This child beats to his own drum. 

I am pretty sure no one opened their presents without help from Tyler. 

New books! 

Popo and Kyle got new hunting seats/buckets.  Nathan will need his own in a few years too! 

We have to lose the sippy cup before he can have his own hunting seat. 

The big kids (aka Tyler, Nathan and Hadley) got personalized sleeping bags from Grandma and Popo.  We kept ours bagged up since they were going to Colorado for our ski trip several days after this Christmas celebration but Hadley got to get her's out! 

"Come on, Grant, get in!" 

Grandma had a snowman craft project ready for Tyler.  

Happy Brody! 

The party really got going when the kids took off their pants!  

It was an awesome Christmas with lot of food, great gifts and the best part - excellent company!
Merry February!  I love Christmas so much I like to drag it far into the next year!  

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