Friday, March 20, 2015

Christmas Lights

We enjoyed lots of Christmas lights during the holiday season with the boys.  

First up was Santa's Magical Kingdom with Grandma and Popo Francis.  

Going through the tunnel of lights.

Tyler was excited! 

Nathan got to ride in the very back with Tyler but didn't want his photo taken.  
Note:  I am not in love with this worn out camo jacket but Nathan calls it his "deer hunting" jacket and wants to wear it EVERYWHERE.  I pick my battles.  

Grant got to get out of his car seat and ride on Popo's lap!  

He was pretty excited! 

A few nights after Santa's Magical Kingdom we went to Tillis Park for Winter Wonderland with Aunt Patty.  It was awesome and I highly recommend it.  

We did both parks on weeknights to avoid the long lines and it is a tip I would encourage, especially with small, impatient children.  

Photos from the car don't do it justice but the Winter Wonderland was really impressive.  

Afterwards, Jeff got us all treats!  
I love all the fun traditions of the holiday season and light viewing will stay on our list! 

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