Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Christmas with the Wood Family

We enjoyed Christmas with the Wood Family at Mike and Jeanne's this (past) year on Christmas morning.  

This was the view from upstairs.  I love that Nathan is looking up at me checking out what I am doing.  It is pure chaos during the present distribution.  

Kyle was spinning Hadley around before the gift opening began.  As if our family gathers are not head spinning enough for a 2-year old! 

Here is a panoramic view of Mike and Jeanne's living room for the festivities.

The Zick Family on Christmas morning!  

Dad got a cool coffee mug that looks like a camera lens.  Wild! 

Grant was ready for a nap but kept himself occupied with my necklace.  I have to admit I was a bit sleepy too with all the Christmas prep and packing to leave the following morning for our ski trip.  

The boys watch EVERYTHING Zach does.  I love their admiration and I love that Zach is such an awesome kid/teenager/young adult to look up to. 

All three boys got new Blue Jay hats from the Harms family.  They have worn them a LOT this winter.  

Nathan was giving Jeff Hadley's Barbie.  He thought it was pretty funny. 

The Wesselschmidts modeled their new headbands.  

Tyler gets some special cuddles with Aunt Sandy. 

This was a good as it got for a family photo on Christmas day.  Thanks to Sandy for snapping it.  

Sandy and Tyler selfie. 

I love catching up with Krista.  
Don't worry - I was not drinking out of the sippy cup - just a holder. :)  

Mr. Sass.  

It was an awesome time hanging out with the fam!  We are so crazy blessed with the most amazing family!  

Next up, another amazing family Christmas as the Jeff's parents.  
Thanks for bearing with me as I constantly play catch up.  

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  1. I love that you're behind! It's fun reliving these events!