Thursday, March 19, 2015

Francis Family Christmas

After Mike and Jeanne's on Christmas Day we went out to Jeff's parents house to join the Francis crew for gift opening and a holiday meal.  

Tyler was excited for new Turtle Legos.  

This photo was supposed to be of Nathan in his new Turtle sweatshirt jacket (with a cape!), but Tyler slid in.  Nathan was still pretty darn excited an wears the jacket every chance he gets.

This little man was running on fumes with only a short nap in the car between Christmas festivities, but he sure got the enjoyment out of tearing into a new toy!  I love this innocent excitement!  

Tyler got a new Mizzou scarf and was pretty pumped to model it and he insisted on packing it for our ski trip.  

Dad thought maybe he should wear it instead. :) 

Grant could not wait to open his Thomas the Train set from Grandma and Grandpa.  

The boys are just a tad spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa! ;) 

After opening presents it was outside for tractor rides!  
This may be more exciting for the boys than presents.  

Nathan asks to ride the tractor EVERY time we are out at Grandma and Popo's house.  

Tyler is almost getting too big to ride on Dad's shoulders. 

Matt's turn! 

Tyler looks like he should be ready to drive it on his own in a few years. 

I still like him sitting on Grandpa's lap.  Our cautious Tyler is just fine sitting on Grandpa's lap for a few more years too! :) 

Matt and Jenny happy to be outside on Christmas day too! 

Nathan was sad for his 2nd tractor ride to end.  


We are beyond fortunate to have so much family close by so we can celebrate with everyone!  I know I have said it before but the holidays with the kids are just so much fun.  I may be close to finished with Christmas now.
Merry March!  Don't worry...our tree and Christmas lights were taken down in January. 

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