Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tuesday with...Aunt Ali?!?

Tuesday, June 24th,  I was able to have the afternoon off to spend with Hadley, Nathan and Grant.  Aunt Sandy had to work.  I am positive I was not as much fun as Aunt Sandy.  We still managed to have a good time. 

 We had lunch and Hadley easily out ate Nathan.  She gets the talent from her dad.  She ate two full turkey dogs, mac and cheese, pretzels and blueberries!  Thinking back, she out ate me too! After lunch, it was time for naps.  

Nathan wanted to sleep in Tyler's bed and said Hadley could sleep in his.  For the record, Hadley was not sleeping nude. I had taken off her t-shirt for lunch (we had ketchup) and when I offered to put it back on, she refused.  I was just fine with it.  After one trip to the bedroom due to giggling cousins, they were asleep fast and had good naps.  I heard them again two hours later when they were playing hide and seek under the covers in Nathan's bed.  

Grant was happy to have some one on one time with mommy while Hadley and Nathan slept.   Those cheeks and dimples melt my heart!  

After naps it was down to the playroom and they decided they wanted to color together.  It was cute but only lasted for 2 minutes or so.  
Notice that the two of them together at least have a complete outfit.  ;)  

These two goofballs took turns in the baby swing.  I think Hadley was looking to play with her baby dolls of which we don't have any so she used Nathan.  Nathan ended up having so much fun that Hadley said "my turn" and promptly asked for help into the swing.  They were pretty comical.  

Tyler came home and we decided to make a Happy Birthday banner for Aunt Patty to wrap up our day before Aunt Maggie came to pick up Hadley.  We love having our cousins so close by and cannot wait for Baby Zick to arrive in the next few days!    

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