Monday, July 14, 2014

4th of July Picnic

We had an absolutely perfect 4th of July morning this year.  We spent the morning at Shaw's Arboretum with our good friends, the Wade Family.  It was 80 degrees and we had the park pretty much to ourselves.  We couldn't believe it.   We started out on a very short hike and then let the kids play and explore in the Nature Explore Classroom.  We did not see a single other kid the entire time we played here - crazy and a bit wonderful!  

Nathan was busy showing off his super hero moves on the trail.  

This boy and his sand box!

This little lady is always on the move. 

Grant loves blocks at home and these log blocks were no exception. 
Notice Grant's first forehead bruise.  That is because he is pulling himself up on everything and occasionally has a crash landing. 

It was the perfect area for the kids to climb and explore.  

Why do I even put a blanket down?  Grant's goal is always to get off the blanket as quickly as possible.  

A special thanks to Heather for all of the pictures so far.  I did a horrible job of taking photos!  Thanks, Coop!  

Nathan, Tyler and Own holding hands walking to the car to prepare to switch spots for our picnic.  Adorable with a capital A! 
 I just love little boys with hats! 

Talking about adorable - Amelia is just that!  And her little firecracker shirt fits her to a "T. " I love her spunky personality.  

At the picnic area we, again, had the place to ourselves.  We had quite the spread.  Kids were happy with their options and adults enjoyed an adult beverage while the kids quietly ate their lunch.  Did I mention how perfect of a morning it was?  Truly!  The. BEST. 

While Heather and I packed up, Jeff and Mike went to get the car and took Nathan and  on their shoulders.  LOVE!  

So thankful that we live in a country that allows us to have perfect days like this.  
Happy Birthday America! 

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'll be blogging about this in September. You're so on top of things!