Thursday, July 10, 2014

Memorial Day Service

I know I am going way back with these photos but as I was cleaning off camera cards I came across these photos from the Memorial Day service the boys and I attended with Grandma and Popo.  

Memorial Day is so much more than just a 3-day weekend and the unofficial start to summer.  

I love this one of Popo with the big boys. 

Nathan had his flag waving, ready for the program to start. 

Grandma was talking to Tyler about respecting the flag. 

This photo is Memorial Day to me - one generation teaching another to remember and respect the flag and those who have served and protected it and what it stands for. 

Grandma's provide the best nap spots.  

We are so thankful for all the men and women who have served to protect the flag and the USA.  While I am pretty sure my boys didn't take away much from the service, I hope that by continuing to take them to these types of events they will eventually have the highest admiration for our veterans.  

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