Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Friends of Kids with Cancer Walk

Back in April we enjoyed a Saturday morning walk benefiting Friends of Kids with Cancer.  This is an organization that was near and dear to my late cousin, Todd Zick.  The boys and I have done this walk each year for the last several years.  I debated on doing the walk this year as I knew Jeff would have to be at the golf course and I would have to wrangle all three boys by myself.  I am glad I didn't debate long and reminded myself I couldn't skip out on this event because I "had" to get my three healthy kiddos to the walk and keep them contained.  It made me change my perspective.  I get to bring my kids to fun places and make memories with them. They are healthy and happy and we are so very blessed.   

It was great to see Barb, Erich and Evan; Todd's mom, step dad and brother, respectively.   My cousin, Julie and her husband, Ross were at the walk too.  Julie was a HUGE help with the boys!  Thanks, Julie! 

Great Aunt Barb brought donuts and Nathan was all over it! 

Julie and the boys!  
There was a service organization that had homemade super hero capes and masks that kids could pick out and take home.  Both boys selected Superman and these capes have been a huge hit at our house.  They have worn them so much I have had to get the sewing machine out to reinforce the Superman logos on each of them. 

Captain America was there too! 

Checking out the animals with their Superman capes. 

The real super heroes of the day are the kids who are fighting life threatening cancers every day and the families who support and care for them. 

On another note, Todd's birthday was this past Sunday, June 1st.  He would have been 30 years old.  We miss you like crazy, Todd, and will continue to walk and support great organizations that you believed in.  

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