Sunday, June 22, 2014

Random Photos

I have a whole lot of photos that are pretty random and rather than put them into individual posts, I am attempting to catch up a bit.  

Tyler wanted to read Grant a book at play group one Friday morning.  I love that he chose to read him Grandpa's Tractor

Does it get much better than holding a sleeping baby in your arms?  

Grant's jumper entertained all three of these kiddos on Tuesday afternoon. 

My crew at Target.  If I have a lot of shopping to do, we often make a stop at the Target Cafe to get some popcorn.  It keeps them occupied and happy - totally worth the $1.99. :) 

This was a night that Grant and I had been through two set of clothes because he kept throwing up.  So I just kept him in a diaper and he finally fell asleep.  

Then he and daddy fell asleep together while I ran to Walgreens for some Pedialyte.  

These were our quick gifts we put together for Tyler's teachers at Little Rascals for Teacher Appreciation Week. 

My Mother's Day gift bag from Tyler.  LOVE!  

Don't you love the popsicle stick note and pencil holder Tyler made for me?  What do you do with these sweet treasures?  I cannot bear to throw some of them away.  Jeff is confident I am going to turn into a hoarder of stuff my kids make. :) 

Another popsicle stick treasure with hearts on it.  

I heard Grant cooing one morning after his nap and go in to check on him.  Nathan was in Grant's room and told me "I play with Grant."  Nathan had been putting toys over the top of his crib rail for him to play with and Grant liked it but was a bit overwhelmed too at things being hurled over the edge of his crib. 

Saturday morning cartoons in mom and dad's bed. 

Nathan was having a challenging nap time one Friday afternoon so I gave in and let him cuddle with Grant and I in our bed and I sent Jeff this photo after he asked how my afternoon was going.  Pretty much perfection in my book. :) 

First tooth for Grant arrived on May 5! 

I love that Nathan will occasionally fall asleep on me.  

These little strips usually hold a moon, star and lamb but Grant promptly rips them off their Velcro attachments each time.  

Nathan felt the need to go an get his little chair to come and sit by me in the backyard this particular afternoon.  

Such a ham!  He often still wants to be the baby in the house.  

Nathan loves that corn on the cob is in season.  Apparently, I was cold this day with an old KKG fleece jacket on though. (: 

Nighttime cuddles and a selfie. 

How did this happen?  I really thought it was a mistake when I first got this e-mail from Mizzou saying Happy 10th Anniversary on my graduation from MU.  Really?  Really.  How in the world did 10 years go by so quickly?  

Sweetest sweet potato eater EVER!  

Just so darn cute.  I understand I am bit, okay a lot, biased. 

My boys before bed one night. They are all so good to each other. 

Jeff looks a bit exasperated with me taking their picture, but it was too precious not to.   He truly is the best dad!  

Happy face (and teeth)! 

Our corn gobbler. 

They were waiting on the deck for dad to finish cutting the grass so they could head out and play. 

Nathan is ready to help dad with the yard work assuming he gets one of these.   Every. time. we go into Lowe's we have to check out and sit on the "trat oars." 

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