Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Reading Program: Nitro Joe

We are doing the Washington Library's Summer Reading program again this year.  Saturday, June 7 we were at the library exchanging our books and we happened to be there just before Nitro Joe arrived.  Of course, we had to stay and check it out.  

I was so glad we did. 

Check out Nitro Joe's site here

Nitro Joe did all kinds of cool science experiments that got kids excited about science!  

Tyler's mouth was half open most of the presentation - he was in awe and VERY interested.  Nathan sat still for the show too and listened!  

Nitro Joe talked about solids, liquids and gases. He highlighted safety when doing science and made all kinds of cool things using dry ice.  

Tyler even won an attendance prize - the book Science in Seconds for Kids!  It will be fun to do some of the experiments this summer.  

I love fun activities that get my kids excited about learning.

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