Sunday, June 24, 2012

Visit with Aunt Olee

This past Wednesday it struck me that Nathan had not had the pleasure to meet Aunt Olee.  Actually, it is his Great Great Great Aunt Olee.  She is my Grandpa Zick's aunt.  She turned 103 this past February!  Yes, that is right - 103 years old!  Can you imagine?

Aunt Olee and Nathan meeting for the first time.

Nathan wore his John Deer gear for Aunt Olee.  She was one hard working lady! 

Tyler was able to make everyone in the dining room smile including Aunt Olee. 

It was a great visit and we feel so lucky to have such a family treasure in Aunt Olee still with us.  It is also cool that Tyler, Nathan and soon Baby Zick represent the fifth living generation in Zick family. 

With these kind of genes we had better keep working and not plan on retiring any time soon.   :)

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