Monday, June 18, 2012

Nathan's Baptism

Yesterday was a big day - Nathan was baptized, it was Father's Day and Mommy turned 30!   We were happy to celebrate Nathan and the start of his Christian journey first and foremost.  We may have to make seperate days to celebrate Father's Day at least because it wasn't exactly the relaxing day Daddy may have hoped for. :)

We owe Jeanne a HUGE thanks and many taco dips for the awesome pictures of the day.  I brought my camera to the church and it didn't even make it out of the camera bag.  And then she delivers the photos the very next day! Thanks, Jeanne!

Sweet baby boy!

Proud big brother!  

Proud grandparents!

Nathan being baptized by Pastor Paul, completely calm.  Doesn't Nathan look so peaceful?

Pastor Leah introduced Nathan to the congregation.

Grandpa Francis gets a little teared up.   Grandma is probably laughing at Tyler.

Watching Nathan be introduced as the newest member of the church.

We sure love this precious little boy! 

Uncle Kyle did a great job keeping Tyler under control.  Tyler's belt makes me smile too!  Ha!

Nathan is a lucky boy to have two OUTSTANDING Godparents.  Jenny (Jeff's sister) and Kyle (my brother) are awesome role models.  Thanks Jenny and Kyle.  They are good looking Godparents too, eh?

After church, we headed back to our house for a little lunch and to celebrate together all of the days festivities. 

This photo makes me smile too.  Great Grandma Zick and Nathan both look so comfortable. 


I think it looks like Nathan is praying here.

Look at those eyes and that smile.  God is good!

Cupcakes are good too!  Tyler was so excited. 

Get after it Tyler! 

A funny story about Tyler tonight.  We were getting him ready for bed and going about our normal routine: potty, brush teeth, PJs, story, prayers - he wanted to include Santa in his prayers tonight.  So random?!?  We haven't talked about Santa in almost 6 months so I am not sure where it came from but it made Jeff and I chuckle.  Also, Tyler wanted to do the "Amen dance!"  Thanks to Susan and Zach who were singing Amen and randomly yelling freeze yesterday hence that game was prompted tonight after bedtime prayers.   I am going to have to get a video as I am not sure bedtime prayers will ever be the same.  :)

In all seriousness, we are so fortunate to have our boys surrounded by amazing family and friends who love the Lord.  We think it is so important for Tyler and Nathan to understand the life and love of Jesus.  Thank you to everyone who made it to Nathan's baptism yesterday.  More importantly thank you for allowing Tyler, Nathan and all of us witness wonderful examples of marriage, forgiveness, sibling love and an increddible sense of family.  We are so very, very blessed. 

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  1. gorgeous pictures, what a special day, so well written!