Monday, June 4, 2012

Latest Photo Shoot (Including Outtakes)

The best part of having Aunt Jeanne take photos of the boys is the quality of the photos.  Another great feature is that we can see the funny outtakes too! 

Love the adorable smile.

Didn't really intend on being in the photo but I love Nathan's face in it. 

Look at that precious face!
 Outtake #1 - Tyler in the background playing with Jeanne's phone! 

Outtake #2
My goal was to get a photo of the boys together but Tyler was not having any of it.  Even with help from daddy it just wasn't going to happen.  It does make me laugh now as Tyler loves to hold Nathan (another post on that topic coming soon). 

Jeff and I were not thinking about a family photo when we left the house.  This is as good as we got - maybe in another month or two both boys will be more willing to cooperate.   

Thanks, Jeanne, not only for the great photos but for your patience with my boys! 
You are the BEST!

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