Saturday, June 11, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Grant's Farm

This past Friday took us to Grant's Farm (Zach's pick).  GG was able to join us too.  We were smarter this week and arrived right when Grant's Farm opened hoping to beat the heat.

On the tram headed to the farm.

Grant's Home.

Zach enjoyed feeding the goats.  The milk sure went fast as those goats know exactly what to do. 

Tyler loved being in the mix with all of the goats.  This child has no fear. 

Tyler and Zach posed in front of the Grant's Farm sign.  No, Tyler is not drinking a complementary Budweiser.  :)

The parrots are so pretty.

GG, Zach and Tyler

Tyler enjoyed his first carousel ride.  This photo does not do an adequate job of capturing his excitement.  During the ride he would say "whooooaa" and "up....down.....up....down."   He loved it!

Bald eagles are so neat looking.

I thought you would enjoy this lovely photo of the Clydesdale's rear end. 

These animals are so massive and pretty. 

We even got to see a baby Clydesdale sunbathing. 

Tyler wasn't too excited by the Clydesdales so he took a brief nap. 

Zach was brave enough to pet the mama Clydesdale despite the warning sign. 

We left as temperatures were really heating up and enjoyed lunch at Fuddruckers (in the AC) before heading home.  It was a great Field Trip Friday!

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