Thursday, June 9, 2011

Field Trip Friday - Transportation Museum

Sorry I am a bit behind in my blog posts.  I figured tomorrow is a new Field Trip Friday so I had better get last weeks edition posted.  Patty, Zach, Tyler and I ventured to the Transportation Museum on a VERY hot day.  It didn't matter - we were excited to see the choo-choo trains.  The one bummer was my camera had unknowingly run out of battery life.  So on to plan B - the cell phone camera...not near as great, but enjoy anyway.  Tomorrow I plan on having the camera charged and ready to go. 

Touring the inside of the trains.

Tyler driving.

My little climber.

He thinks he is going to drive the train.  Can you tell how red his face was from the heat?

Zach in front of a huge steam engine. 

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