Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had a awesome long weekend with lots of food and excellent company.  Friday evening we celebrated Aunt Maggie's new promotion and their return to St. Louis (eventually...long story).  We will be so excited to have Uncle Kyle and Aunt Maggie closer to home.  Pray for their house to sell and for Uncle Kyle to find a new opportunity.  After a whole lot of yard work on Saturday, (Jeff and I are so lucky to have a sweet boy who naps for 3+ hours a time), we went to Grandma and Grandpa's (mom and dad's) for a family BBQ. 

There was a whole lot of family in attendance - so awesome!

My mom was feeling a bit overwhelmed with a crazy kitchen, but she is a trooper and loves to host these types of "events."

We were excited to find out that Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle had babysitting responsibilities for Kellen and Emily so they were able to join us.  I think Kellen and Tyler were having a milk chug off in this photo.   

Tyler fell in love with Emily and is shown here being a bit aggressive in giving Emily a kiss. 

PJs on.  Play time.  Kellen and Tyler were fast buddies.

Poor Kellen was so tired he started playing lying down. 

He found some extra energy when he figured out he could dump out the rest of the toys and sit in the toy bucket.  Too cute!

Sunday, we were invited to Aunt Maggie's parents house for another BBQ.  Tyler was excited to hop in the pool with Emily.  He laughed so much while splashing around. 

Jeff was happy to splash them with a bucket of water.  The squeals from the kids just fueled Jeff's fire.  He is truly a big kid. 

One happy boy and a beach beauty. 

Even after Tyler got out of the pool and put dry clothes on, he headed right for the water table and did not stay dry long. 

Today, we joined Grandma and Grandpa and headed to the riverfront for the Memorial Day service.  It was a great reminder of the reason for the long weekend.  It is more than an extra day off work, BBQs and the unofficial start to summer.  We stopped to say a special prayer and offer our gratitude for all those who have served, who are serving and especially those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice so we are able to work, live, worship and play with the freedom we so often take for granted.  

Happy Memorial Day!   

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