Monday, May 30, 2011

Field trip Friday - Zoo

Tyler and I will be going on a Field trip every Friday.  We welcome anyone else to join us.  This week we were thrilled to have my Aunt Patty joined us. We enjoyed the beautiful weather with everyone else who owns a stroller in St. Louis.  No really, it was crowded but it was a great day!

We loved watching the penguins splash and play.

We think these were pelicans, but Tyler didn't care - they looked like ducks to him.  "Quack, quack."

Aunt Patty and Tyler posed for a photo after admiring the giraffes. 


It was getting toward the end of our trip, but we had to go see the elephants.  As you can see, Tyler really didn't care.  He was out of the stroller and he thought that meant he should be able to get down and run around.  Sorry, buddy - it was too crowded. 

One tired little boy ready to go home.

Other notes: Tyler's favorites of the day at the zoo included: the kangroo that went "hop, hop, hop;" the hippo that he could see swimming in the water; and, of course, the TIGER who goes "roar."

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