Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pre-Wedding Prep

It was almost here - the big wedding day.  We just had to do a quick run through and have another reason to have a nice dinner and great company.   There were a lot of kids in this wedding so no one really knew what to expect.  
Here are some of the kids in the wedding before the rehersal started. 

With 10 bridesmaids in the back of the church, Hannah was the only one cooperating for this photo. 

These wonderful ladies are Kyle's new sisters, Cami, Ashley and Tanya.  They are so much fun and each had a ring bearer too (Cash, Cooper and Kellen, respectively)!

Poor Maggie was left in the back of the church with all the kids.  Tyler does not look too happy in this photo.  And Maggie thinks she wants five kids?!?

This is what we had to look forward to.  Tyler and Cash made it down the aisle fine during rehearsal, but Kellen decided he needed a rest.  It was a long aisle.  Too cute! 

Kellen looks like he is ready to take off in this picture. 

Monsignor Mike was very patient through the entire rehearsal with all of the rowdy wedding party and lots of kids. 

The kiddos stayed calm (for the most part) with a DVD before dinner. 

Gifts were exchanged between the wedding party and the bride and groom. 

My mom made the mistake of putting Tyler on the table upon which he decided it was appropriate to dance!

He got the reaction he was hoping for from those at the table so he just kept dancing.  Where did he learn this crazy dancing on tables?

Loving every minute of the attention. 

He was careful not to knock over the flowers.

Krista and I - she is one of my favorite people!

The happy bride and groom.  Kyle, don't look so skeptical.
This is the last "single" photo I have of the couple.   

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