Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started with the snow (previous post) and the holiday craziness just ended this past weekend at the climax of events with Kyle and Maggie's wedding! It has been a blast and I will break it up into sevearl posts with lots of photos to document a wonderful ending to 2010!

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Great Aunt Nancy's house with soup and snacks before heading to church that evening. 

Susan was in usual form with the Mexican Nut Balls - classic!

Nancy, Patty, Grandpa Wood and my mom enjoying treats.

Aunt Susan tore herself away from the nut balls to give Tyler horsey rides. 

More group shots...

Tyler enjoying a beverage from his Grandma, of all people.  (He didn't really get a drink be he has always loved beer bottles - probably from seeing his daddy drinking them!)

Taking a quick snooze after a hard day of playing. 

Mommy and Tyler next to the Mizzou tree Grandma decorated for the tree display at church. 

Family photo next to the Mizzou tree - Tyler is about ready to go to sleep.

After church, it was off to bed to get ready for Santa ("ho, ho, ho") to come!

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