Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kyle & Maggie's Wedding Day!

Kyle and Maggie's wedding day was wonderful! After some scary storms that morning while we were getting our hair and makeup done, things calmed down and it turned out perfect! Get ready for a lot of pictures!

Maggie looked beautiful and calm as can be. 

She was all smiles.

I was less than glamorous trying to corral Tyler and get him dressed. 

Tyler was trying to help. 

My mom and I pose for a photo.  She looks stunning!

Our perfect little ring bearer sporting the Chuck Taylor shoes from Aunt Maggie and Uncle Kyle.

Tyler and Grandpa

He was so excited and didn't mind being dressed up at all!

I love this little boy!  Isn't he handsome?

Tyler and Daddy - too bad they don't look alike! Ha!

Josh and Tyler.  Tyler looks a bit scared! 

My little brother waiting for his bride. 

Maggie and her dad coming down the aisle.  (Sorry for the poor photo quality!)

Another shot of Kyle watching Maggie - so sweet!

Give mom a hug and kiss - made me tear up a bit. 

Hugs to the Jones parents too. 

I love Maggie's face in this one as Kyle almost knocked down the candle several times. 

At the alter.


Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Zick!

The wedding wore poor Tyler out!  Thank goodness for Aunt Sandy.  She was in charge of Tyler during the wedding.  Tyler was soooo good and we are soooo thankful for Aunt Sandy!   Tyler didn't get to sleep long as family pictures followed quickly after the wedding. 

Maggie is looking good and ready to party!

Jeff had to ruin the photo with a beer.

So I decided to join in. :)


Adam and Kyle.

My little brother - all married up!

I was taking beers to the back of the bus, I promise!

Josh Wehmeyer and Ali

My new sister! 

Our one family photo of the night did not turn out too hot, oh well!

The reception was beautiful we were ready to kick it off!

Erin Wood and Jeff Wesselschmidt

Kyle & Maggie's first dance.

Maggie and Dude.

Tyler and Daddy playing.

Tyler was a dancing machine!  He loved the band!

He found a friend to dance with too.  Tyler did try to climb on stage several times! 

So I have posted more photos than most of you probably care to look at and so I will break up the posts and do more family photos/dancing action photos coming soon....I know the suspense is intense!

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