Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! 

Santa was good to the Francis Family and Tyler woke up early in true excited child fashion. 

The first gift he opened was the Elmo TMX (whatever that stands for?!)  Tyler understood the opening of gifts... to a point.  He opened the first present but really didn't have much interest in continuing after the first new toy.  He just didn't get why Jeff and I wanted him to put down that toy to open a wrapped box.  Oh well, we had fun anyway.  A note to self for the next child, I should have told Santa to just make sure all toys are out of the box, ready to play with and not even bother with the wrapping. 

Tyler and Elmo. 

Tyler loved it when Elmo laughed when you tickle his belly!  Over and over again - today Elmo already needs new batteries!

Dad, why do you want me to open another one?

Tyler did seem pretty excited about his new Mizzou sweatsuit.  It reminded mommy of when Uncle Kyle always got sweatsuits when he was little and that would be all he would wear. 

Cool...a tool bench that sings!  Ever boy needs a singing, light-up tool bench.

See what I mean about getting everything out of the box and ready to go.  Tyler didn't seem to mind the box but got really upset when Jeff or I took the toy to take it out of the box. 

Santa left him a note on one of his toys.  He may not be using this one for a while, but Tyler does love erasing what anyone else draws. 

It was time to get dressed and head to the next stop of the day, Grandma and Grandpas!

Nap time still exists on Christmas!  He really does love to play with balls but not at this moment.  I guarantee you will not make it through Christmas with a 15-month old without a few moments like this. 

I had to give Maggie a "special" gift before she and Kyle could go on the honeymoon.  I cannot wait to see a photo of her on the beach with this gem on.  Let's just say it is a family treasure that MUST be passed on.  Julie...you are next!

Kyle wanted to pose with the special all-sequin hat too.  He looks like he should be in a boy band in this picture.  Wouldn't that be funny?

Next stop was GGs house - my Grandma and Grandpa Wood's.
No photos from Grandma & Grandpa Wood's house - it was too much chaos and enough gifts that it is hard to move! 

Last stop of the long day was Grandma and Grandpa Francis'. 

Tyler got a favorite toy - the ball popper that he never lets stop.  Luckily, that one is staying and Grandma and Grandpas!  I love that rule! 

The day after Christmas we enjoyed the morning at home playing with the new stuff.  Here is the new camo tent from the Harms family along with a new book!  The tent is a favorite reading spot for Tyler!  I love that my child loves books so much! 

Daddy setting up the new TV!

Daddy and Tyler reading in the new tent together - at least as much as daddy is going to get in.  :)

Sorry, Grandpa, I know you got excited when he got the camo tent, but I think it is going to be used for reading books more than for hunting in the field.  Maybe in a few years. 

Overall, we had an amazing Christmas and feel extremely blessed.  While Tyler is too young to fully understand Christmas, we hope to instill the true meaning behind the season and not simply the idea of new toys.  Happy Birthday, Jesus! 

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